The Advantage of Sales Video: Moving Pictures Speak Volumes


Even though its a cliche’, a picture really is worth a thousand words.  And moving pictures?  They can speak volumes about your business.  Making a sales video is one of the smartest things you can do to convey key marketing messages about your product or service.

There’s solid research behind the efficacy of marketing video for your business.  According to Jerome Bruner, Professor of Psychology at New York University, people retain only 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, but an astounding 80% of what they see!  Here are some of the undeniable benefits and advantages of using sales video in your business marketing:

  • Improved Communication- Sales video can be used to convey powerful and consistent messages about your business.  Thanks to the proliferation and ease of digital video sharing (on You Tube and the like), your  well crafted video message can be viewed by just about anyone, anywhere in the world. Suddenly, your business video is reaching a global audience.
  • Emotional Connection:   People are looking for companies that they like and, ultimately, trust.  Let your  sales video put a human face on your company.  Share a bit about your mission, your company culture and your key leadership.  Customer testimonials are a great way to show that others have benefitted from your business. You want viewers to get a feeling when they view your sales video, to be drawn in with a desire to know more.
  • Process Improvement- Video can benefit your business process overall.  On the sales side, think of video as a “pre-qualifier” for potential customers.  As they watch your video, prospects can learn about your business and have preliminary questions or concerns addressed.  And beyond sales video, training video can be used to convey basic procedures and methods, saving time and manpower.
  • Time and Cost- Our slogan is: Capture once, use time and again.  Spend the money to get professional quality video (and audio) the first time.  Include beautifully lit b-roll footage of your facilities and services, nicely lit interviews.  Combine with music and motion graphics.  Pepper in some narration.  All these things together will create a highly professional sales video which will represent your company in many venues: sales meetings, trade shows, websites, PR opportunites, etc.  Once captured, you can easily update the video for a minimal cost, amortizing your initial outlay over years instead of months.

When you shop for a video production company, look for experienced professionals who can take your message and interpret it a memorable way for video.  Review their portfolio and talk to existing clientele.  This is not the time to look for the “cheapest option”, using an intern or hiring a film school grad with a  “handicam and laptop with Final Cut Pro”.  Or to hire “flash over substance” by overspending on fancy options that obscure your key messaging.  If you want your business to convey professionalism and to court quality customers, your video needs to reflect that same professionalism and quality.

Today’s world is increasingly visually-oriented. Let your sales video take advantage of the “80% rule” and be one that’s remembered.  Contact us and let’s get the cameras rolling!