Corporate Video Production Toys – Er, I Mean Tools

When you’re trying to accomplish a lot of bang for your corporate video production buck, sometimes it helps to add some cool tools in the mix.

In addition to the standard camera, lighting and grip equipment, sometimes having a few extra “toys”  can really give your corporate video production quality a nice bump.  While not every video marketing budget has the resources for big stage shoots and high priced toys, there are lots of affordable options out there that can still add tremendous benefit.

We have a number of in-house tools that we use to give this advantage.  For example, we employ our Dana dolly, Steadicam, or EZ Jib to add movement — choosing the right tool based on the needs of each scenario.  It’s subtle, but it can make a nice difference.

For this product demo video we produced for Tapjoy,  we used our Dana dolly mounted on speedrail to add a nice slight movement.

At zynga, we used our steadicam to bring energy to a walk-through shot of the game design offices for a mini documentary series we are producing.

Of course, if you got the budget, there’s nothing like helicopter footage.  Steve recently got a bird’s eye view of the Bechtel Family Summit Reserve in West Virginia on a shoot for Boy Scouts of America.  The footage he brought back was amazing and definitely worth the extra cost to show off the beautiful natural environment.

Your director of photography can guide you in choosing the right tools to benefit your project without breaking the bank.