How Online Video Can Help Your SEO Rankings

online videoIt is no secret that SEO is constantly evolving.  Major search engines are increasingly looking for ways to better connect the right people with the right services.  One increasingly common way that major search engines have found effective is to regularly change the algorithms they use.  Whereas years ago, SEO was dedicated to hiding keywords and links in code and creating programs that would “cheat the system” by opening a webpage, changing the IP address, and opening it again, SEO today is centered around creating value.

How video suggests to a major search engine that a website is valuable to visitors

There are a number of ways major search engines measure the value a website has to those who search for a specific term.  Adding quality web video to your site can help boost your SEO rankings in the following ways:

  • A number of algorithms used by search engines heavily weigh the amount of time the average visitor spends on your site after clicking on it, which can be increased by an engaging video
  • Adding video to your site or blog periodically can help search engines recognize the site as active
  • Viral videos can drive more revenue than the #1 ranking on a major search engine

*Note that YouTube is an interesting entity in that it is one of the most popular search engines as well a social media platform.

How to create the right video to improve your rankings

San Francisco video producer, Joanie Burton Wynn gives this advice: “Look for a reputable web video company that has a strong emphasis on web video production.  A good production team can help you craft a polished and professional video that will represent your brand in the best possible light.”

Creating a video that boosts your SEO rankings and drives sales is not as simple as posting a video of your cute cat. A professional video production company can help take your message and convey it to your audience correctly. The right production company can help boost your SEO rankings, or even make you the next overnight YouTube sensation.  Get people talking about your business with the right web videos.