Sizzle Reels

Sizzle Reels: An Essential Tool for Video Game Marketing

Sizzle Reels

Sizzle Reels: An essential tool for video game marketing.

Sizzle reel.” What’s that? It’s an essential weapon in the arsenal of video game marketing.  Sizzle reels are short, fast-cutting marketing videos for games with cool graphics and “eye candy” images.  Video game companies use sizzle reels to entice gamers, attract press and show off their video game during trade shows like E3.

No question about it—a sizzle video is a great way to market your video game products.   How do you create a sizzle reel that gets watched and gets results?  Here are a few tips for creating a great sizzle reel for your video game:

  1. Go for Quality.  Sizzle reels are a first impression of your game and should be professionally produced by a video production company who understands how to produce marketing video for games.  This is not something you want to turn over to your intern or junior staffer.  Even marketing directors with experience won’t have the tools or bandwidth to get the job done right.  Better to go to the pros.
  2. You gotta show ‘em.  Unlike other marketing videos that incorporate narration or interviews, sizzles are purely a visual realm.  Let stunning images from your game be punctuated with cool motion graphics.  Jack up emotional appeal by choosing just the right music.  Add sound effects to give it punch.  All these things work together to keep your viewer engaged. If you use narration, think movie trailer copy — succinct and on point.  (Your production company should be able to assist you with scripting your sizzle video.)
  3. Know Your Audience.  First and foremost, your sizzle video needs to engage your audience. The approach will differ depending on your desired demographic for your game title.  Knowing your audience will direct the important decisions you make about pacing, music and graphics.
  4. Trim the fat.  Your goal is to give viewers a taste or tease of your video game.  Focus on your very best visuals and key marketing points.  Most sizzles are 2 minutes or less.
  5. Wow.  That game looks Awesome.  What do I do now?  Tell viewers what to do next with a compelling call to action (like a voice over or on screen contact information).  Ideally, your sizzle video is just the beginning of your gamers relationship to your game.  Once they get to your site or buy your game, hopefully they’ll have access to other types of marketing video for games like behind-the-scenes videos or designer diaries (interviews with the game makers).
  6. Build in some adaptability.  Produce your sizzle reel with an eye towards versatility.  If it’s good, you’ll want to use it in multiple ways and update it over time.

At Bayside Entertainment, we specialize in sizzle reels and game trailers for video game clients like EA, Lucasfilm and Fingerprint Play. Learn more about the ways creative video production can be used in video game marketing.   Contact us today.