Marketing Videos: May The Force Be With You


One of the biggest challenges facing business has always been creating a marketing campaign that effectively connects your business with current and future customers. In the past, most advertising was conveyed through print media or traditional broadcast commercials.  Today’s marketing campaigns have evolved to include a vast array of mediums which include web, social media and mobile. One of the most influential modes available today is the creative  marketing video that showcases the people, skills, and products that set your business apart from all others.

Businesses the world over are discovering the powerful future that exists in marketing videos. According to Cisco, video is projected to account for 69% all consumer internet traffic by 2017; as a result, approximately 64% of marketers today expect video to play an essential role in their advertising strategies. These statistics underline one of the most fundamental principles of effective marketing, reaching out to the consumer in an area–real or virtual–where they spend time.

The video format is creative by nature. The most effective advertising campaigns are those which entertain while conveying a message that sets your business above the others. Video media is ripe for such a winning combination, encouraging many marketing videos to go viral. Consider for a moment Volkswagen’s highly successful video campaign that has almost single-handedly reinvigorated their sales. Their advertising, creatively disguised in video storytelling, connects their product to their audience in very real and profound ways that encourage people to talk about the company even after the video has ended.

Even though companies like Volkswagen have healthy marketing departments and budgets, that doesn’t mean that any business cannot learn from a big company’s success. Volkswagen’s executives recognize video’s ability to showcase real, genuine, emotional stories that help their product stick in the minds of the consumer. But you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 to benefit.  These strategies can be utilized by any company, regardless of size.

Recently, we produced a series of inspiring, customer success stories for weight loss product, Ideal Shape.  These heartwarming stories of transformation brought the personal and human component of weight loss struggles to life in a way that engaged viewers with the brand at an emotional level.

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If you wish to discover the potential that video marketing holds for your company, please contact us today. We look forward to combining your business expertise with our unparalleled knowledge of marketing video production to create a video campaign that will serve your brand and, most importantly, that your customers will remember.