Marketing Video: Emotion is Key

An effective marketing video campaign must convey information about the product or service being showcased, but the impact of the message can be accelerated and heightened by the use of emotions.

Humans are complex, and we don’t make decisions based on reason and sense alone. In fact, feelings often completely override logic. Most experts agree that marketing campaigns that focus on and elicit positive emotions are generally the most successful. Appealing to a consumer’s sense of happiness, love, joy, excitement, freedom and independence, or belonging can help to create an effective message. Interestingly, negative emotions such as fear and guilt can also be powerful when used judiciously.

Here’s a quote from a fascinating recent post “The Science of Emotion in Marketing: How Our Brains Decide What to Share and Whom to Trust”:

In an analysis of t he IPA dataBANK, which contains 1400 studies of successful advertising campaigns, campaigns with purely emotional content performed about twice as well (31% v 16%) as those with only rational content.”


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Creating a marketing campaign that effectively uses emotions will result in many benefits for the company:

  • When consumers are emotionally impacted, it increases their level of engagement and the marketing message will capture and hold their attention, a significant achievement in this “click and close” age of the Internet.
  • The emotions conveyed via the marketing message act as a motivator and help to eliminate any lingering doubt about the purchase.
  • Consumers who are emotionally impacted by the message are more likely to share their experience with others, and this word-of-mouth can have a tremendous impact on sales.
  • The use of emotions contributes to the branding strategy as it helps to define the brand and create a tone, a voice.
  • Forming an emotional connection with your customers can ultimately create a strong sense of loyalty, and the importance of this customer loyalty cannot be overstated.

Marketing video is an ideal medium for communicating emotions through music, voice, and facial expressions. Emotions can make your marketing video incredibly compelling, leading customers to respond.  When hiring a professional video production company to help craft your marketing video,  find an experienced team who understands the critical importance of using emotion to tell you story.