Original Digital Video Content Essential for Big Brands

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In a recent article in Ad Age, research firm Forrester claims that digital will overtake TV ad spending in just two years.  More encouragingly, this same article predicts that “brands will be putting more money toward digital advertising, but they’ll also be shelling out to create content, a cost that Forrester does not include in its estimates. And some brands will find a way to hang on to their money by distributing that content for free on digital channels like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as on the brands’ own properties.”

The old days of re-purposing a big budget TV by posting it online are over.  Increasingly savvy consumers are looking for original content that feels authentic, not overblown.  Ultimately, this original video content represents the “human face” of the brand.  As always, great storytelling is at the heart of this opportunity to either hit — or miss– with the social media audience.

Though the “democratization” of video production might make everyone with a handicam and Final Cut Pro on their laptop think they can be a “producer”, the truth is that the quality (or lack thereof) of your digital video production creates a lasting impression of your brand.  And with video on social media and the web more pervasive than ever before, its never been more critical to the sales and marketing process.

Emmy award-winning San Francisco video production company Bayside Entertainment is a boutique video production firm with big brand experience.  They’ve produced original video content for Sony, Lucasfilm and Boy Scouts of America and they can bring that expertise to your next video project.

Digital video content is king and the storytellers at Bayside Entertainment have never been a more important part of your creative team.  Let us tell your story.