“Soup to Nuts” Production Services

Bayside Entertainment provides turnkey video production services for projects large and small. From concept to completion, we’ve got you covered.

We have produced just about every kind of video imaginable — from :30 commercials to long form documentaries and everything in between.  We produce content for marketing, PR, corporate communications, fundraising, startups, product launches, website and social media.  We also provide white label support services for ad agencies and communications firms.


Commercial Spots


Branded Content

Web Videos
Making of Videos
Product Launch Videos
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Corporate Communications

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Fundraising Videos
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Product Demos
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Program Production

Our Process


Pre-production planning is the most critical phase of the process. During this time, we work with you to understand your goals. We’ll discuss your key messages, your audience, your timeframe and your delivery format. Together, we determine the best strategy for your video project.

Don’t have a firm idea of what you need? That’s o.k. We love to be a part of your creative brainstorming process — pitching ideas and helping you come up with the best way to get your message across.

We put together budgets, schedules, scripts and storyboards to create a “blueprint” which informs every aspect of production and post-production. Then, we ensure that all members of the creative team are all working toward the same vision.


On location or in the studio, we have seasoned production teams who know how to “bring it home”, capturing compelling images and rich interview content. Whatever the size of your project, we assemble the right production team members, hiring from our pool of freelance gaffers, grips, engineers and audio technicians. We help you find the right on camera and voice talent with our casting services. Need green screen? Or a jib? Or dolly? We’ve got that. What about a talented chimpanzee? Yes, we can deliver that too. In short, we use top quality equipment, technical expertise and decades of experience to make sure that we have all of the components we need to get your creative content “in the can”.


Using our Avid edit systems and plug-in wonder tools, our in-house post production team makes magic in the edit bay. We add customized motion graphics and titles, animation, narration, music and sound effects. Our editors and designers make sure it looks and sounds amazing, and our writers and producers make sure that your story makes an impact.

Finally, we have experience packaging your footage across multiple platforms. With a smart strategy, video captured once can be used time and again, multi-purposed to help amortize the cost and maximize your marketing budget.