Storytelling as a Cornerstone for Video Marketing

I recently read this article on Reel SEO about the power of video marketing and the science behind it.  Its full of facts and information about the way the human brain responds to moving images.  Here’s my favorite quote:

“As marketers have realized that digital enables them to develop relationships, they have begun a sometimes glacially slow migration from publishing content about them, about their company, and about their product to developing stories that speak about the customer. Stories that have characters, that follow a narrative arc. Stories that evoke an emotional response. Because forming a relationship all starts with emotion.”                                                                                                                                                                               As a creative team here at Bayside Entertainment, Steve and I always favor storytelling as opposed to flash and sizzle for our video productions (as much fun as flash and sizzle is to produce).  Many of our favorite projects are story-driven, often times with customer testimonials or interviews with people who have a real feeling and commitment to the subject at hand.  We use this content to form a narrative spine, then fill in the story with amazing images, music and motion graphics.  At the end of the day, our job is to make the viewer feel something — whether we employ heartfelt sincerity, toungue-in-cheek humor or action-packed excitement.

New Image

For this piece we produced for Aids Lifecycle, we traveled alongside the tour down the coast of California.  The heartfelt interviews with the participants told the story better than any disembodied narrator ever could.  We used motion graphics as punctuators and let music drive the feeling.  The goal was to give the feel of the race and attract new participants, so capturing the sentiment was critical.

When a new client gives us a call, we listen for the story they want to tell and then work alongside them to craft that story.  In the field, we make everyone feel at home to get the very best interview content.  Then using great writing, gorgeous imagery and superlative video editing, motion graphics and music selection, we bring it all together to create a memorable video.  As a company, this is our strongpoint and I’m happy to see that this approach is also desirable to marketers hoping to reach and engage their audience.

Source: Why Video Is So Important To the Future of Marketing

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