Doug Freeman

Doug is the master of art direction and set design for Bayside Entertainment.  He can create any environment you can imagine and has created sets for numerous Bayside commercial productions for  Sega, Ubisoft, Sony and Wonder Workshop.  Whether he is set dressing a home location for a Bay Area commercial shoot or creating a living room or “GameStop” video game store come to life on an empty soundstage, Doug makes each video production look great and brings tremendous fun to the set.

Doug grew up in the film industry, joining the Theatrical Stage Employees Union at the age of 15. He spent his youth working at the SF Opera, SF Ballet, ACT, Winterland Fillmore West, and theatres like the Geary, Curran, and Orpheum.

With a strong foundation in theatre and an education from the California College of Arts and Crafts, he dedicated himself to work in the art department. Early in his career, he worked on projects like “American Graffiti,” “Bullitt,” “Magnum Force,” “Towering Inferno” and the TV Series “The Streets of San Francisco.”

Today, Doug continues to bring his enthusiasm and production design excellence to projects for TV, film, trade show, music video and live events.