Steve Wynn


An Emmy and Telly award-winning cameraman and video editor, Steve Wynn leads Bayside Entertainment with an incredible breadth of video production experience. He is the ultimate hyphenate; a director/shooter/editor who draws on his deep knowledge in virtually every aspect of production.

A Bay Area video production industry veteran of over 25 years, Steve began his career at KPIX-TV,  Channel 5 in San Francisco.  He started as an audio technician, working on early magazine format programs like “Evening Magazine” and “PM Magazine”.  During this time, he received multiple Emmy nominations for his sound engineering and music composition.

In the early 90’s, Steve began shooting for broadcast television, traveling the world for clients like Discovery Channel, History Channel and Travel Channel.  He won his first Emmy for his videography work on Discovery Channel’s “The Next Step”.

In 1997, he partnered with Los Angeles video producer Joanie Burton to form San Francisco video production company Bayside Entertainment.  (They married the same year.)

The production team combined Joanie’s film studio clients with Steve’s broadcast clients and began producing video content for television and corporate marketing, including behind-the-scenes video for feature film releases.

Alongside his work as a videographer, Steve developed his skills as a video editor and began directing, editing and shooting promotional videos for video game industry clients including EA, Sony, Ubisoft and Sega.  The projects include E3 trade show video, game trailers, game designer documentaries and lifestyle videos shot in studio settings with actors.  As a former professional musician, Steve uses music as a compelling driver in his video editing work.

Steve displays tremendous versatility as a director and cameraman. In studio settings for commercial productions, Steve seamlessly interfaces with art directors, stylists, actors and crew members to bring about a very relaxed and efficient set — an especially valuable trait when producing video productions with child actors or animals are on set.  Recently, Steve has directed commercial shoots for Sony, Sega and Wonder Workshop.

In field production settings on location, Steve has an ability to get his camera right in on the action, whether he’s tracking an Aston Martin at 170 mph or swimming with sea otters under Monterey Bay with Phillipe Cousteau. An outdoor enthusiast, he shoots and edits extreme sports and adventure travel with an insider’s perspective.  His production work has taken him around the world, most recently to Africa and Cambodia for his Emmy award-winning original travel series “Journeys for Good”.