Use Creative Video Production to Boost Your Online Corporate Marketing


Creative Corporate Video Production

If you’re not using creative video production to build your company’s brand and enhance your website’s SEO, you could be missing out. Think about it.  Increasingly, video is becoming the principal means for accessing information on the internet.  A few quick examples:

  • web surfers currently view some 4 billion hours of video on YouTube alone every month.
  • it is estimated that within three years, video will account for some 90% of all web traffic, according to Robert Kyncl, Director of Global Partnerships for YouTube
  • YouTube is now the number two search engine in the world

And you can be sure that internet users are watching more than music videos and funny animals.  Increasingly, surfers are looking for product reviews and how-to videos.

Equally important, relevant video will increase your website’s search rankings.  According to a 2009 study by Forrester, websites that feature video content are 53 times more likely to make the first page of Google search results compared to sites that feature text only.

Why is video so appealing to both web surfers and search engine spiders?  That’s a no-brainer:  video is more “real” than text only; it connects like people connect, with sight, sound, movement and expression—and it can touch the viewer’s emotions like text alone simply can’t.

So, you’re convinced that you need some smart video on your website. Now what?  How do you provide video content which is relevant and helps your brand stand out from the competition?

Here are six great ways to build your brand and boost your search rankings using video:

  1. Create a brief “elevator speech” or trailer video: You can hit the essence of what your business does using illustrations and voice-overs.  You can combine text with info-graphics for dramatic effect.  These short format (:60 – :90 second) videos are like a teaser for your potential customers.  Draw them in with great visuals, music and narration, then end with a strong “call to action” or link to more information.
  2. Highlight a case study for a successful product or project:  Make this an emotional story describing an especially difficult customer challenge, how your company solved it, and the remarkable results you produced (see how Nike did just that).
  3. Use video to add a little panache to customer testimonials:  Do some interviews with enthusiastic customers, make sure it stays positive, but definitely keep it unscripted for best effect.  Video testimonials from real customers can help to build a sense of relatability and trust in your future customers.
  4. Produce “how-to” videos to enhance customer service:   Show them what to do and how to do it, what button to push and or how to fill out a form.  Let them post comments and ask questions.  Your customers will appreciate the extra attention and help.
  5. Create a virtual tour of your company:  Let your customers go behind the scenes at your business.  Show them your employees’ expertise and their talent.  This helps build trust in your business and gives your customers a sense of connection with you day-to-day work, and with you.  It can also be used as a great recruiting or hiring tool, showing how awesome your company culture is for employees.
  6. Create videos which position your business as an expert in the industry:  Make your website a trusted resource for critically important information.  Highlight interviews with key managers on important market trends.  You can link these videos to social media sites for added exposure and credibility.

Whatever your business, effectively incorporating video on your website will build brand awareness, enhance customer engagement (especially when tied to important calls to action) and increase search engine rankings.

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