Why Video Is Crucial To Online Marketing Success

Online video clips can accomplish what other types of media cannot.  Like a television commercial, video clips can help educate consumers, build credibility, and increase brand recognition.  Similarly, online videos have successfully re-branded products for companies that otherwise were faced with limited options. You have the chance to take full advantage of what is seen on a television commercial by posting videos on the web and then add some more.

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Some ways video can make your online marketing campaign successful

There are a number of reasons why investing in video production is crucial to online marketing success.  A few include:

  • Video can provide an entertaining way to brand or re-brand a product or service
  • Video is highly interactive and provides creative avenues for active viewer participation
  • Video can be used in social media campaigns, SEO campaigns, and to supplement an existing webpage or blog

Corporate video production can provide different avenues to market a product via multiple channels.  Furthermore, data can be collected on the efficacy of video (e.g. how long videos are typically watched, comments on forums about videos, number of times videos are shared on social media platforms, etc.).

Benefits of online video when done correctly

Video that appears amateurish can diminish your credibility and defeat the purpose of adding video to your website or online marketing campaign.  It is important to work with professional video production companies to ensure that your video is a marketing asset instead of a liability.  Professional production is almost always a must when investing in video, much like you would want a reputable video production company to shoot a televised commercial.

Never forget to consult with production experts

Before posting videos about your business, remember that every item you post is a reflection of that business.  Consult with production experts on how incorporating video into existing online marketing channels can help improve one or more aspects of your overall online marketing campaign.  Unleash your creativity while collaborating with those who know how to produce web videos to optimize online marketing success.

San Francisco Emmy award-winning creative director, Steve Wynn offers this advice, “Interview several companies and look for experience and expertise to guide your project.  You want to work with true professionals who can make your video look and sound its very best.  Top quality production is worth every penny.”