For this broadcast pilot  for “Tooth to Tail”, we collaborated with Captain Dale Dye, USMC (ret.) for this project which celebrates the “teeth” of US Armed Forces.

Tooth to Tail takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the most powerful and highly-trained military in the world, highlighting the men and women whose efforts support the “teeth” of our armed forces.

We shot the broadcast pilot episode  at The Marine Corps’ Air Ground Combat Center at 29 Palms, California. Our cameras followed Combat Service Support Group 15 as they prepared for deployment to Iraq. These are the men and women who provide general supply, distribution, maintenance and Level II health service support to the frontlines of battle.

In addition to footage of combat deployment exercises and command center drills, we also interviewed members of the unit to get their personal insights.  Capt. Dye conducted the interviews on camera and also provided segment wraps.

In post production, we were granted permission to use actual battle footage provided by Department of Defense.

It was a great project and DP/Director Steve Wynn was in his glory, donning a flak jacket to get exciting footage of a convoy live-fire exercise.


US Armed Forces