Sony Mobile contracted us to produce a series of product launch video web spots for the launch of its X Series phones.  The marketing team needed to find a fun way to show off some of the smartphone’s new features and make them relatable to consumers.  One of their engineers was already on board as a spokesperson, so we suggested a group of break dancers as a unique and engaging way to bring the phone’s features to life.

We found a cool loft space in San Francisco courtesy of Mint Locations  and organized the video series around four themes: Video, Photo, Streaming/Gaming and Recap.  Our talented choreographer and dancer Jeff Wong assembled a talented and diverse group of breakers; Dopey Fresh, Nasty Ray and Funky Tyler.  We added them to our amazing Bayside team and had a blast over two days of shooting.

We mapped out the action based on the features and orchestrated shooting around those key themes.  DP/Director Steve Wynn made sure that the Xperia phone always had hero placement in the framing of each shot.  Writer/producer Joanie Wynn  attended to the details, ensuring that all elements throughout pre-production, production and post production were “buttoned down” and met the client expectations.

In post, we combined existing Sony assets with our orignal, live action footage to create four short tutorial-style videos.  We shot additional wrap-arounds with our Sony engineer host and packaged it all together for both US and Canada release schedules.

The series was launched on Facebook and other social media channels as a support to their consumer outreach and education campaign. This spot is video #1 which focuses on the updated video capture capabilities on the phone.


Sony Mobile