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Digital Video = Marketing Success

digital video

Digital video is an essential component for marketing success.

I recently read the CES keynote by #Robert Kynkl, Chief Business Officer at You Tube.  Entitled “Four Reasons Why Video Will Win the Decade“,  it was a rousing endorsement of digital video.  Granted, his position as head of You Tube makes him somewhat biased, but as a video producer, I have to say I was encouraged by his predictions for the coming decade as they relate to digital video.

Digital Video Predictions:

According to Kynkl, video is predicted to represent roughly 90% of internet traffic.  Whoah!  That’s a lot of content — all competing for the online audience.

Watching video (on TV or online) already is the “single most important media activity”.  And the way people consume video is changing rapidly.  Millennials are already watching more digital video than TV.  I see this at home with my almost 13-year old son.  Watching TV with Mom and Dad has become “old school” and he’s really more interested in watching a few of his favorite you tubers, like Roman Atwood, on his mobile phone.  (Luckily, “The Flash” and “Arrow” on Roku are shows he’ll watch with us, so we haven’t lost him completely.)

Here’s my digital video prediction as it relates to marketers:

In order to compete, quality digital video content will become even more essential.  Companies will want an online video presence that represents their brand in an engaging way and stands out from the noise.  Video production companies with savvy storytelling, technical expertise & decades of experience will rise to the top.

Recently, we produced Wonder Workshop launch video for Wonder Workshop.  Ned Ward, the VP of marketing was thrilled with the high quality of the video production and it translated into measurable success.

Shortly before the holidays, Ned emailed me this: “FYI – we are pretty much sold out on our website, and Amazon will have product, but at the way they’re selling through it, they will be sold out as well! thanks so much for your help in making it happen!”  Even at the holidays, when every company competes to reach consumers, an excellent product with engaging video can support a winning marketing strategy.

As digital video increasingly becomes the method of choice for message delivery online, high quality video production will become an indispensable element for marketing, sales and PR success.

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