Video Production In San Francisco | Corporate Advertising

Video Production in San Francisco | Corporate Advertising

Bayside Entertainment is an award-winning video production company in San Francisco.

Bayside Entertainment owners Steve and Joanie Wynn during a recent editing session.

When it comes to separating your business from the competition, one of the fastest growing methods is the use of corporate advertising through sales videos.

Since the introduction of YouTube, businesses have been realizing the immense potential of corporate advertising by using online videos to promote their company or service. As people search online, they prefer to watch rather than read about your business.  According to a study by Forbes, “nearly 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information. Three-quarters of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than half did the same on YouTube.”

For Bay Area businesses and organizations to fully take advantage of this opportunity to reach customers, they need the services of the best Video Production Company in San Francisco that offer professional services.

Bayside Entertainment is an award-winning San Francisco video production company with decades of experience producing corporate advertising sales videos for companies throughout the Bay Area, the US and internationally.  Their professional video production services combine technical expertise with storytelling savvy and they offer full-service, “soup to nuts” creative production including creative concepts, scripting, pre-production, field and studio production, post production editing, graphics and audio mixing.

Four Ways Corporate Advertising through Professional Video Production Markets Your Efforts

Call Attention to Your Company: First and foremost an effective web video calls attention to your company and offers a chance for you to stand apart from your competitors. It sends a message to all potential customers that your business offers real value. Whether you need a corporate branding video to introduce your company or a video to launch a new product or service, a professionally-produce corporate video is one of the most powerful ways to accomplish this goal.

Sell Products: Video is a superior way to sell your products and services.  Viewers can take in so much information within a short web video.  Video combines music, images, on screen text and audio to pack a wealth of information into an entertaining video presentation. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million and that’s why so many companies use online video to sell their products.

Professional Standards: While seemingly anyone can make a video with a handicam or smart phone and desktop edit system.  Only a professional video production company like Bayside Entertainment can create one that will represent an image that will make your company proud and create an indelible, lasting impression on visitors to your website or You Tube channel. By hiring a video production expert, you will ensure that your first impression draws your customer or client into rather than away from your business.

Create Value: In addition to drawing attention to your product or service, a high quality video from a professional San Francisco video production company can also create value for your customer base.  Creates a storyline that offers useful information or industry trends that will inform or inspire your viewer.  Create a series that builds on your core message to bring viewers back for more or keep them engaged. Make your video something that viewers want to share.

Bay Area video production company Bayside Entertainment has an established reputation as one of the best video production companies in San Francisco.

Businesses and organizations have used Bayside for years to produce all types of video: commercials for web and TV, promotions, fundraising videos, recruitment video, sales video, video for trade show and so much more. Trust the professionals at Bayside Entertainment to deliver the best in creative and professional production standards that will boost your business brand and raise awareness of your products and services. Based on decades of award-winning work, Bay Area clients turn to Bayside Entertainment time and again to produce engaging and memorable results the deliver video ROI.

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