Employee Engagement Programs Can Make a Difference
Emmy award-winning Journeys for Good™, in partnership with leading voluntour operator Globe Aware, has announced an innovative program which combines global charitable projects with multi-platform storytelling for rich and rewarding employee engagement.

The program is a unique combination of voluntourism and original video content produced by San Francisco video production company Bayside Entertainment. The videos tell the story of each volunteer adventure from beginning to end, providing context and celebrating employee participants’ efforts.

Executive Producer Joanie Wynn explained, “We know firsthand how transformative volunteer trips are and original video is a great way to amplify and share the experiences. We’ve had success with our public television programs and are now bringing the concept to companies who want to offer these rewarding trips to their employees.”

Journeys for Good™ corporate programs offer sustained engagement through multiple touchpoints before, during and after the trips. Human resource and CSR managers can tap into these customized programs to enhance their employee engagement, team building, recruitment and incentive efforts. The trips foster company pride, community connection & personal growth, all while celebrating goodwill and global citizenry.


HR professionals are challenged with finding unique ways to attract and retain the “best and brightest” — especially among millenials and the generations that follow.”  This article from Fast Company sums it up as follows, “Millennials want to create shared value, make positive social and environmental changes, and increase opportunities for disadvantaged populations…..Recruiting the top talent of tomorrow begins with making a difference today.”  

Journeys for Good begins by designing a custom experience based on a company’s unique brand and culture.  Once a volunteer trip is selected, Journeys for Good augments the experience with rich original content for web and social media channels.  The ability to share the experience in this way makes it lasting.  Creative Director Steve Wynn added, “Our program offers an unique take on employee engagement by combining both a deep and rewarding personal experience for employees and a platform for sharing and celebrating the experience throughout a corporation.  Along the way, we hope to inspire volunteerism of all kinds, around the world and here in the US.”

Volunteers on a Globe Aware service trip in Cambodia.ABOUT JOURNEYS FOR GOOD™

Multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning Journeys for Good™ is a travel series like no other, combining the adventure of global travel with the rewards of giving back. As volunteers travel to participate in service projects around the world, cultural differences disappear as they work with locals to create positive change. Though the change may seem small, the process awakens new perspectives and brings benefits far beyond the trip itself.

With a diverse set of locations and projects, Journeys for Good™ tells compelling stories about building connections and breaking down barriers, finding yourself through helping others, giving back and receiving so much more in return.  Journeys for Good™ has profiled volunteer trips in Tanzania, Cambodia and Nicaragua. The resulting award-winning content has been featured on public television and the web.


Globe Aware, a non-profit 501(c)(3), develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back. An experienced voluntour industry leader, Globe Aware operates trips around the globe, offering a wide selection of opportunities throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

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