Maximize Your Marketing Video with Social Media


The digital media landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. Web-based  on-demand video is quickly becoming the standard. Simply creating a professional marketing video is no longer enough. Businesses must know how to leverage the latest technologies to connect with potential audiences. Using social media not only maximizes the impact of your marketing video, it portrays your service as relevant and in-touch with current trends. Producing a creative and high-quality marketing video with Bayside Entertainment is the first step to executing a successful video marketing campaign. Here are 3 tips to consider once the video is complete and ready to share with your audience:

1. If you have a professional website, don’t just upload the video to your personal web space. Instead, choose a popular video site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Simply because of the volume of users on these sites, your video will get more exposure. Also, as the view count grows on your video, so will its credibility and the likelihood that it will be shared by viewers.

2. When uploading marketing videos to the web, your goal is to go viral. Make sure that your video is easily shareable via major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. This functionality may come with the hosting service you have chosen, or can be added to any website with simple widgets. (Click here for more information on adding widgets to a website.) The impact of your marketing video is directly proportional the the number of times it has been viewed. And don’t forget to add keywords so that your video can easily be found by those searching for your type of business or service..

3.Finally, be sure to leverage your own social media accounts in sharing marketing material. Successful 21st century businesses understand the value in having a positive online presence. If you do not already have a business Twitter or Facebook account, get one! This will provide a forum to interact with potential customers, but it will also be a vehicle from which to share marketing videos and other business-related promotions.

The world of social media marketing can be confusing and overwhelming, but with perseverance and a professional marketing video, you will reap the benefits. Contact us to learn more about how Bayside Entertainment can help you go digital with your next video marketing campaign!